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Try your skills in this addictive platform game with innovative control system. The main goal is to reach the final platform through a series of jumps. It gets more complex when you encounter moving platforms, slippery platforms & more!
Not sure if you'll like the game?

15-07-2010 Space Box for iPhone and iPod Touch
Written from scratch with redesigned controls specially for iOS touch screens.

03-05-2009 Space Box "almost made it" in Mo'Minis Gamecast #1 contest
The Mo'Minis version of Space Box is now being sold by Orange Israel operator. The distribution will cover more regions soon.

17-08-2004 Play Space Box on Gmini400
Gmini400 Provides the Ultimate Portable Entertainment Experience
with Music, Video, Photo and Gaming Capabilities.

01-07-2004 Chinese version released
The game is now available in simplified chinese.
Supported phones: T3XX, T6XX, Z6XX

08-12-2003 Space Box 3D released
Enjoy full 3D graphics in 2.0 version of the game (see picture to the right) for Nokia 3650, 7650, N-Gage, Sony Ericsson P800, Motorola A920 and Tiger Telematics GameTrac.

08-08-2003 Game for Nokia 60 series
New version for Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7650 is now available on the market.

18-06-2003 T610 version released
Space Box for T610 is now ready for distribution.

06-06-2003 Space Box for T3XX released!
Game available for the very first time for mophun-enabled Sony Ericsson T3XX series phones.